CMRU TRADECON- International Conference on Emerging Trends in International Trade Law by CMR University [Feb 25]: Register Now!


The School of Legal Studies, CMR University, is organizing an International Conference on Emerging Trends in International Trade Law with special reference to India on February 25, 2023.

About CMR University

The School of Legal Studies, CMR University, a pioneering institute in the realm of legal education, has been dedicated to the cause of promoting legal education and research and facilitating young individuals into the legal profession since 2003. For the past ten consecutive years, CMR School of Legal Studies has achieved a distinguished position amongst the top law colleges in India as indicated by leading national magazines.

The School of Legal Studies seeks to emphasize the integration of enterprising initiatives and creative programs in the curricular activity, transcending conventional academic orientation so as to inculcate within each of its students, a vibrant and more realistic outlook towards their life and career. To advance this mission, instilling research and analytical skills among the students has grown to be a remarkable aspiration of this institution.

In pursuance of these constant efforts to move beyond the ordinary and expand our horizons, the School of Legal Studies is organizing an International Conference on Emerging Trends in International Trade Law with special reference to India on the February 25, 2023. (More at – Tradecon-2023)


About the Conference

Economic development is an indispensable aspect of international trading systems. Economic development is calculated as proportionate to international trade. Free-er the trade, the better will be the development of the state has long been the neoliberal argument.

The normative structure governing international trade are unilateral measures, bilateral, plurilateral and multilateral arrangements. By implementing and interpreting the trade rules, the dispute settlement body has further deepened the regulatory control over trade.

The dominant neoliberal normativity, however, has raised questions concerning underlying trade politics, trade topics, the dominance of actors, and the process of dispute settlement to name a few.  (For further details visit – Tradecon-2023 )

This Conference seeks to consolidate and document the views and opinions of a veritable panel of experts worldwide through this unique forum.  


Major Themes of the Conference

  • Socialism versus neoliberalism in trading systems 
  • Developing jurisprudence on security exceptions
  • Challenges in WTO Dispute Settlement System 
  • Regional Trade Agreements: Lessons to be learnt from Brexit 
  • Impact of Russia-Ukraine war on international trade 
  • E-Commerce issues under the WTO 
  • Standstill in services negotiation 
  • India and the Peace Clause 
  • Make-in-India initiative in light of the WTO commitments 

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Contact Information

In case of queries, contact:

  • +91 80 25453077 / 88 (Office fixed line)
  • +91 9845436878 (Mr. Sreenidhi K.R.)
  • +91 8130532632 (Dr. Akhila B .G.)
  • Or email at conference.sols@cmr.edu.in

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